GNI ORTHO provides state-of-the-art orthodontic products that are developed and manufactured in Korea. GNI ORTHO has been leading the Korean orthodontics industry in the past years.
We have been supplying the widest range and continuous development of innovative products keep us ahead.

We are now putting our vision on the world stage, our goal is to be the global leader of this orthodontics industry providing state of the art orthodontic products with the best quality and service.
GNI ORTHO is recognized as the premier orthodontic products provider to orthodontists and distribution partners in more than 50 countries worldwide from every continent.
At GNI ORTHO, we never stop looking for new ideas, as our brand philosophy is “Generate New Inspirations”.
Developing unique product designs with perfect quality that meets the expectations of global practitioners.
Product quality fulfilling ISO13485/EC/FDA regulations is the basic to produce safe and sustainable products.